Introduction to Apache Kafka

The Next Gen Event Streaming System

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Data Integration Today

Integration Complexity

  • No System of Record
  • Synchronization is hard
  • Scaling ETL is hard
  • Processing is error-prone

Events not Tables

Streams as Ledgers

First-class Partitioning

Why not message systems?

  • Ordering?
  • Horizontal Scaling?
  • Push?

Kafka = Event Ledger - Distributed & Redundant

A Distributed Commit Log

Linear Clustering Performance

Near network speeds

Kafka Fundamentals

  • Messaging System Semantics
  • Clustering is Core
  • Durability & Ordering Guarantees

Use Cases

  • Modern ETL / CDC
  • Data Pipelines
  • Big Data Ingest



  • Key, Value, Timestamp
  • Immutable
  • Append Only
  • Persisted

AKA: A Log

Producers & Consumers

  • Broker = Node in the cluster
  • Producer writes records to a broker
  • Consumer reads records from a broker
  • Leader / Follower for cluster distribution

Topics & Partitions

  • Topic = Logical name with 1 or more partitions
  • Partitions are replicated
  • Ordering is guaranteed for a partition


  • Unique sequential ID (per partition)
  • Consumers track offsets
  • Benefits: Replay, Different Speed Consumers, etc

Producer Partitioning

  • Writes are to the leader of a partition
  • Partitioning can be done manually or based on a key
  • Replication Factor is Topic-based
  • Auto-Rebalancing

Consumer Groups

  • Logical name for 1 or more consumers
  • Message consumption is load balanced across all consumers in a group

Delivery Guarantees


  • Async (No Guarantee)
  • Committed to Leader
  • Committed to Leader & Quorum


  • At-least-once (Default)
  • At-most-once
  • Effectively-once
  • Exactly Once (Maybe)

Cool Features

  • Log Compaction
  • Disk not Heap
  • Pagecache to Socket
  • Balanced Partitions & Leaders
  • Producer & Consumer Quotas
  • Heroku Kafka


  • JVM is official
  • Most other platforms via the community
  • Polling Based

Basic Connection


class Producer {
    public void send(ProducerData<K,V> producerData);


class SimpleConsumer {
    public ByteBufferMessageSet fetch(FetchRequest request);

    public long[] getOffsetsBefore(String topic, int partition, long time, int maxNumOffsets);

interface ConsumerConnector {
    public Map<String,List<KafkaStream>> createMessageStreams(Map<String,Int> topicCountMap);

Akka Streams

  • Impl of Reactive Streams
  • Source / Sink Stream Programming
  • Back-pressure, etc
  • Kafka Adapter:

Akka Streams

val source = Source.repeat("hello, world")
val sink = Sink.foreach(println)
val flow = source to sink


Apache Flink

Real-time Data Analytics

  • Bounded & Unbounded Data Sets
  • Stream processing (map, fold, filter, etc)
  • Distributed Core
  • Fault Tolerant
  • Flexible Windowing


Continuous Processing for Unbounded Datasets

Flink - Windowing

Bounding with Time, Count, Session, or Data


Heroku Kafka


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