Managing Open Source Contributions in Large Organizations

James Ward | @_JamesWard
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Past: Adobe, Heroku, Typesafe (now Lightbend)

Now: Salesforce, WebJars, & a 1-year old

Types of Contributions

  • Employees contributing to external projects
  • Open sourcing internal projects
  • External contributors

Why do Open Source?

  • Build trust with customers / partners
  • Create an ecosystem around a library / tool / framework
  • Unmerged forks are a maintenance nightmare
  • Show leadership in the software industry
  • Recruiting

But it is hard...

Security Concerns

  • Are external contributions trustworthy?
  • Am I leaking sensitive IP?

Quality Concerns

  • External contributions increase my maintenance burden
  • Am I making something public that is embarrassing?

Legal Concerns

  • Patent Issues
  • Ownership Issues
  • License Issues


  • Do Nothing
  • Use a Foundation
  • Build Tools

Do Nothing

  • Pro: It is easy
  • Con: Does not make the legal team happy
  • Pro: Do-it-yourself governance
  • Con: Do-it-yourself governance
  • Pro: Do-it-yourself infrastructure
  • Con: Do-it-yourself infrastructure

Use a Foundation

  • Pro: Infrastructure out-of-the-box
  • Con: Heavy governance
  • Pro: Greater trust with customers / partners
  • Con: Contribution process can be a legal battle
  • Pro: Signal of project maturity
  • Con: Can be a good way to lose great engineers

Build Tools

  • Pro: Tackle biggest risks
  • Con: Not much off-the-shelf
  • Pro: GitHub provides a great foundation
  • Con: Custom tools require ownership & maintenance
  • Pro: Good opportunity for 20% time / side projects
  • Con: Testing tools can be challenging

Biggest Risks / Requirements

  • Contributor License Agreements
  • License Audit
  • Security Audit
  • Patent Audit
  • Sensitive Info in Code

Process, Process, Process

  • Outgoing & Project
  • In-take Form
  • Instructions on License stuff
  • Legal Review (Patent & License)
  • Security Review
  • Eng Marketing Review
  • CCLA?

Other Challenges

  • No single owner / team
  • Lawyers
  • Execs & IP
  • Large investment in project management
  • Once approved, hands off?
  • Internal Forks?

Demo Time!

There is a cost to free.


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